2017 Sunflower Youth Football Conference

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Baldwin City
Basehor 3rd
Basehor 4th
Basehor 5th
Basehor 6th Matt
Basehor 6th Strah
Blue Springs Silverbacks
Blue Springs Yellow Jackets 6th
Chrisman Bears
DeSoto 6th
Eudora 3rd
Eudora 4th
Eudora 6th
Guest 1
Huskies 3rd
Huskies 5th
KC Dawgs
KC Outlaws
Lansing 3rd
Lansing 6th
Law. Gorillas 3rd
Law. Gorillas 4th
Law. Hurricanes 3rd
Law. Hurricanes 4th
Law. Hurricanes 5th
Law. Red Raiders 3rd
Law. Red Raiders 4th
Law. Red Raiders 5th
Law. Red Raiders 6th
Manhattan 3rd
Manhattan 4th
Manhattan 5th
Manhattan 6th
Mill Valley
Mill Valley Garica 5th
Mill Valley Jay
Mill Valley Jegen
Mill Valley McCallister
Mill Valley Smith
Missouri Wolverines 3rd
Missouri Wolverines 4th
Missouri Wolverines 6th
Ne Co. Raiders 4th
Ottawa 3rd
Ottawa 4th
Ottawa 6th
Perry Jr. Kaws
Piper 5th Bakarich
Piper 5th Brown
Piper 6th
Pumas 5th
Seminoles 3rd
Seminoles 5th
Silver Lake 4th
Tongy 3rd
Tongy 5th
Top. Crush 3rd
Top. Crush 4th
Top. Crush 5th
Top. Crush 6th
Top. Stealth 4th
Topeka Falcons
Topeka Falcons 6th
Topeka Stealth 6th
Topeka Vipers
Turner 6th
Vikings 5th
Wy.Co. Panthers
Yellow Jackets

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