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BE-Eagles 5000 Kevin Fisher-Paulson
BE-Giants (Bronco Jimenez) Jason Jimenez
BE-Reds Alan Adelman
BE-Rooftop Rockets Karson Ward
BE-RPD Aptos Red Sox Gabe Haas
BE-SFB Shamrocks Edward Ristaino
BE-St Paul Celtics (Bronco) Adam Spillani
BE-Teca little Panthers xxx Ruben Aviles
BN-French American Bronco Red (6th) Devin Conroy
BN-Grattan Ravens Peter Dale
BN-Junior Dons 12u Black Steve Domecus
BN-RPD-Moscone Yankees Emmanuel Blackwell
BN-Sunset Randy Collins
BN-Supersonics Mark Lew
BS-BVHM Seals Orlando Rodriguez
BS-Lawton Lions Rob Sakovick
BS-Miraloma Fire Dragons Gregg Friedman
BS-RPD-Aptos Cubs Dean Wilson
BS-RPD-Glen Park Pirates Nate Birnbaum
BS-RPD-St. Mary's Rattlers Kenneth Armstrong
BS-Sluggers David Kenney
BS-Town School for Boys (White) Reggie Love
BS-Tsunami Knights Brian Louie
BS-Wolves (CDS) Julius Cedeno
BW-Big Red Machine James Navin
BW-California Warriors Dan Schaaf
BW-Citi Pirates Bronco Brooke Bianco
BW-Junior Dons 12U Green Steve Domecus
BW-SF Elite 12s Donnell Moody
BW-SF Sluggers David Louis
BW-Town School for Boys (Blue) Reggie Love
ME-Alvarado Cougars Flinn
ME-Argonne Wolfpack - Birch Birch
ME-Coyotes Espinosa
ME-Dragons Peters
ME-JCCSF Cougars Lagattuta
ME-Junior Dons - Gold DeAlba
ME-RPD-Aptos Bay Sox Jandro Alcantar
ME-RPD-Palega Warriors Javier Espinosa
ME-RPD-St. Marys Wolverines Kenneth Armstrong (R
ME-SFFS Force Gackstetter
ME-Sunset Falcons Batacan
ME-West Portal Ninjas Rosenthal
MN-AFY Dragons Hager
MN-CACS Dragons Daniel
MN-CIS Phoenix Fire Muchowski
MN-Orcas Mullen
MN-RPD-Moscone Mets Manny Blackwell
MN-SF Falcons Hinoki
MN-Sloat Hammerheads Gwinn
MN-Super Sluggers Bonner
MN-Teca Little Panthers Doody
MN-Wolf Pack - Black Moreno
MS-Black Panteras Carrico
MS-CiTI Pirates Bianco
MSE-AFY Mighty Giants Chan
MS-Eagles 4000 Chicas
MSE-CDS Falcons Newkirk
MSE-Clarendon Seals Amann
MSE-DFES Lions Garvey
MSE-Jedi Knights Chan
MSE-RPD-Excelsior Expos Ken Taylor Jr.
MSE-RPD-Minnie Lovie Graysocks Tara Peakes/Derrick
MSE-RPD-Sunset Spiders TBA
MSE-SF Flying Squirrels Byrd
MSE-SFB Shamrocks Rodriguez
MS-Junior Dons Black Emery
MS-Miraloma Green Dragons Gittelman
MS-Roberto Clemente Love
MS-RPD-Glen Park Blue Jays Kevin Ortiz
MS-SHB Lions (Rivera) Rivera
MS-SK Giants Co
MS-St Paul Celtics Martinez
MS-Stratford Lions Ryan
MS-TCB Lightening Hillman
MW-Cheetahs Kahns
MW-Generals Sigona
MW-Junior Dons 10U Green Belding
MW-Junior Dons Green Caulfield
MW-Seeds 3rd - SHB Lions (2) Aicardi
MW-Stuart Hall Seals Etcheverry
MW-Wolf Pack - Red White
PKP-Bye or Scrimmage Yourself
PKP-Bye- Or Scrimmage Yourself
PKPE-FAIS Les Jaguars Royale Robert Wait
PKPE-Islanders Arnold Cheng
PKPE-Miraloma Silver Dragons Kerry Kimes
PKPE-RPD-Minnie Lovie Crawfords Mike Bross
PKPE-RPD-Palega Giants Javier Espinosa
PKPE-RPD-Upper Noe Thunder Mike Bross
PKPE-SB Cubs Sean Elsbernd
PKPE-Town - Athletics Reggie Love
PKPN-Argonne Wolfpack Pinto Andrew Scott
PKPN-Eagles 3000 Trevor Duckworth
PKPN-Half Pints Scott Spertzel
PKPN-Mission Mustangs David Malizia
PKPN-RPD-Julius Kahn Miners Adrian Paoletti
PKPN-RPD-St Mary's Tornados Ken Taylor Jr
PKPN-Sloat Sevens Peter Finkel
PKPN-Town - Scary Sharks Reggie Love
PKPNW-RPD-YBC Monarchs James Byrd
PKPNW-SF Shamrocks Rosie Perieff
PKPNW-SF Wizards (Joe Chavez) Jose Chavez
PKPNW-SHB Supermen Tom Glaser
PKPNW-STM Broncos - 2nd Grade Yrwin Factoran
PKPNW-Stratford Lions Pinto 2017 Kiley Ayoso
PKPNW-Town-Willy Mays Reggie Love
PKPNW-Wolves Marley Quirante
PKPS-CDS Orange Sox David Strandberg
PKPSE-Glen Park Pixies Karyn Sanchez
PKPSE-Harvey Milk Rebels Vashti Ferguson
PKPSE-Panteras Rojas Brian Phelps
PKPSE-RPD-Palega Baysox Jandro Alcantar
PKPSE-St Philips Bruins Roger Dickerson
PKPSE-St. Paul's Celtics John Demeter
PKPSE-Teca Panthers 2 Carrie Maloney
PKPSE-West Portal Panthers Doug Wyllie
PKPS-FSK Knights Michael Coleman
PKPS-JCCSF Dolphins Luke Lagattuta
PKPS-JCCSF Pandas Luke Lagattuta
PKPS-Miraloma Green Dragons Kerry Kimes
PKPS-Peabody Orcas John Leys
PKPS-RPD-Sunset Dragons Nate Birnbaum
PKPS-SF Seals David Hunt
PKPW-Alvarado Cougars - Eros Eros Resmini
PKPW-Eiffel Tigers Jennifer Tagatz
PKPW-Junior Dons Aritz Garcia
PKPW-Rascals Chris LaMotte
PKPW-SC Giants ( Black) Lisa Baisman
PKPW-SG Knights Keith Roberts
PKPW-SHB Batmen Henry "Bonney, Jr."
PKPW-Super Sluggers Elijah Bonner
PonyE-Eagles 6000 Richard Pence
PonyE-Giants (Jimenez) Jason Jimenez
PonyE-Kipp Pony Team
PonyE-RPD-St. Mary's Scorpions Rene Recinos
PonyE-RPD-VMD SOMA Sluggers Mandi Hand
PonyE-RPD-YBC Bulldogs James Byrd
PonyE-Seawolves John Katz
PonyE-SFDS Dolphins Jason Tognetti
PonyE-Sunset Mike Wong
PonyE-West Sunset Hammerheads Paul Quate
PonyN-Cathedral Hawks Gold Jason Thomas
PonyN-French American Pony Devin Conroy
PonyN-Junior Dons Steve Domecus
PonyN-ORCAS-2017 Pny Jim Torrens
PonyN-Renegades John Saiz
PonyN-RPD McCoppin Wildcats James Burke
PonyN-Town School for Boys Varsity Reggie Love
PonyN-Waldorf Wolves Mitch Mitchell
PonyW-Cathedral Hawks Red Jason Thomas
PonyW-Fog Dragons Mick Thomas
PonyW-Hawks Albert Poon
PonyW-Ocean Beach Knights Danny Chan
PonyW-RPD-Homestead Grays Vic Reed
PonyW-RPD-West Reds James Burke
PonyW-The CiTI Gerald Reader
PonyW-Wolverines 7 Scott Newton
SCP- Play Team from American Division
SCP- Play Team from National Division
SCPA Scrimmage Yourself of Bye
SCPE-CUBS - Coach Rohit Rohit Sachdev
SCPE-Friends School Flames J. Tighe
SCPE-Rosa Parks Golden Dragons Michiko
SCPE-RPD-Eureka Valley Earthquakes Jonathan Jones
SCPE-SF Friends School Quakes M. Kahn
SCPE-Sunset Stars Lawrence Yee
SCPE-Sunset Thunder Noel Elsner
SCPE-West Portal Panthers K. Hancock
SCP-Nat- Bye or Scrimmage Yourself
SCPN-CL Wolf Pack T Garlick
SCPN-CL Wolf Pack 2 T. Garlick
SCPN-Cougars Imad Naser
SCPN-Dragons Connor Moore
SCPNE-Presidio Knolls School Pandas Carla Carbajal
SCPNE-Rooftop Rockets Susie Nadler
SCPNE-SB Cubs/Coach Darling T Darling
SCPNE-Sunnyside Eagles SCP- Team 2 Laura Murphy
SCPNE-The French Falcons Heidi Werbel
SCPNE-The Potrero Goats Dan Berth
SCPNE-Town Sluggers 2017 Brooke Jenkins
SCPNE-Town Strikers 2017 Brooke Jenkins
SCPN-G. Peabody Orcas Kevin Wong
SCPN-Miraloma Fire Dragons C. Gagan
SCPN-RPD-Sunset Coyotes Pablo Sotelo
SCPN-RPD-Upper Noe Lizards Shane Goodrich
SCPN-St. Philip Bruins 2024 Eric Chan
SCPN-Sunnyside Eagles SCP Randy Nonnenberg
SCPS-Argonne Wolfpack - K/1st F. Salan
SCPS-Dragonites Melissa Willa
SCPSE-Epiphany - Eagles Rich Crociani
SCPSE-Epiphany - Eagles Green Rich Crociani
SCPSE-SHB Giant Lions Tom Glaser
SCPSE-SHBK- Knights (Ryan Tyz) Beth Schellinger
SCPSE-SHBK- Ninjas (Brendan Nemeth) Beth Schellinger
SCPSE-St Cecilia Leprechauns John McCaffrey
SCPSE-St. Paul's Celtics V. Chavez
SCPSE-Star of the Sea Hawks Adam D'Acquisto
SCPS-Fireballs Christina Sair
SCPS-Giants M. Reilly
SCPS-Lightning Bolts Jay Buffington
SCPS-North Beach Seals Paola Dozzo
SCPS-RPD-Glen Park Leopards Mikka Kelly
SCPS-RPD-Victoria Manalo SOMA Heather Phillips
SCPS-Sloat Seals Allyson Rupp
SCPS-Sunset Sea Lions Brook Stahley
SCPW-CACS Dragons (1st ) Cesar Tijerino
SCPW-Coyotes Christian McNeil
SCPW-FAIS Jaguars - 1st Grade (1A) J. Ortega
SCPW-Grattan Super Sluggers Elijah Bonner
SCPW-RPD-Laurel Hill Cougars Marcellus Prentice
SCPW-RPD-Sunset Cardinals TBA
SCPW-SC Fighting Irish John McCaffrey
SCPW-Seeds 1st - SHB Lions Mike Aicardi
SCPW-SK Hawks W. Vroegh
SCPW-STA Tomcats Todd Hout
STBE-Big Wreckers B Knupp
STBE-Cubs A. Molinari
STBE-Kind Koalas Theo Gold
STBE-Miraloma Ice Dragons - K Kerry Kimes
STBE-Polar Bears Josh Richter
STBE-Rockets Ash Kulkarni
STBE-RPD-Hamilton Hornets Jesse Robinson
STBE-RPD-Holly Park Huskies Marcellous Prentice
STBE-RPD-Upper Noe Eagles Tom Sandoval
STBE-West Portal Black Panthers Manish Anand
STBE-West Portal Panthers (CoEd) Franco David
STBN-Eagles 1000 Trevor Duckworth
STBN-SC Irish David Mitchell
STBN-SC Irish Gold (Engel\Lewis) Matt Engel
STBN-SFB Shamrocks Edward Ristaino
STBN-SFS Bears Daniel Munda
STBN-St. Cecilia Shillelaghs S. McDonald
STBN-St. Paul's Celtics - K John Demeter
STBN-St. Philip Bruins 2025 Eric Chan
STBS-Alvarado Cougars T Drechsler
STBS-Alvarado Pumas John Roehm
STB-Scrimmage Yourself or Bye
STBS-Presidio Knolls School Pandas Carla Carvajal
STBS-RPD-Sunset Rascals Rachelle Hata
STBS-RPD-Sunset Sundevils Ryan Baba
STBS-San Francisco Bulldawgs Andrew Barous
STBS-STM Broncos - K K. Jaber
STBS-Stratford Lions TBall 2017 Portia Li
STBW-Claire Lilienthal K - Wolves Douglas Conover
STBW-JCCSF Panteras Luke Lagattuta
STBW-Miraloma Fire Dragons - K Kerry Kimes
STBW-North Beach Seals Michael Gemmill
STBW-RPD-Eureka Valley Knight Daniel Robinson
STBW-RPD-Palega Pirates Michael Travis
STBW-Sloat Seals Peter Finkel
STBW-Teca Little Panthers Mike Armenta

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